Wrong file name in changelog xml

Hello All,

I just observed that liquibase is not detecting the wrong file name provided in changelog xml.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<include file="abc/xyz"/>      

above abc folder has file xyz.sql but while passing in changelog xml .sql extension is not given. in this case liquibase is not throwing any error. how to catch this kind of error.

Hi @KapilGonjari ,

Liquibase calls out the changelog file that is mentioned in the liquibase.properties file. The property changeLogFile specifies the path to the changelog to execute. Check out this doc - Creating and Configuring Liquibase.Properties Files | Liquibase Docs

Hi @KapilGonjari

This is strange. Does liquibase still executes the SQL login from the file? If not then what exactly happens when you try this?

As you mentioned, liquibase doesn’t throw any error do you see anything else on console/ log file?

Also please help us with your environment details, just to reproduce this issue:

  1. DB you are using
  2. liquibase properties file
  3. Liquibase version

Rakhi Agrawal