The file changelog.xml was not found

Hello Team,

We are trying to execute pipelines for 2 different schemas in same env for liquibase with Oracle in v4.11.0
Single Schema works fine with changelog.xml at Base of repo ($CI_PROJECT_DIR )
But unable to rename it as changelog_1.xml


SEVERE [liquibase.integration] The file changelog.xml was not found in

Problem Statement:
If change committed for first schema, we want to refer changelog_1.xml whereas for other schema it should refer other xml i.e. changelog_2.xml
How to export renamed changelog file ?

I tried :
JAVA_OPTS: "-Dliquibase.classpath=${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/ojdbc8- -Dliquibase.changeLogFile=${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/changelog_1.xml"


JAVA_OPTS: "-Dliquibase.classpath=/db/changelog/ojdbc8- -Dliquibase.changeLogFile=classpath:/db/changelog/changelog_1.xml"

Please help & guide to overcome this issue.

Thanks & Regards,

Can you share your file?

When I searched that error with SQL, the answer I found says to change the changeLogFile entry to

changeLogFile: \dbchangelog.xml

After that, Liquibase should be able to find the file.