2.0 Status, and Nathan on Vacation

I am very close to getting 2.0 wrapped up.  There are a few open threads on the forum I would like to get answered/resolved before a new RC6 build is done, which will hopefully be the last RC before a 2.0 final.

I am going to be on vacation from Aug 21st-29th, but RC6 (and answers on the forum) will be out early the week of the 29th with 2.0 final in early Sept. 

Please continue to post questions or problems you have and I will get to them after I get back.  If you see a question you can help answer, please help out and respond.


I’m back from vacation now and will work on catching up on the forum and emails today and tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone who helped out, and feel free to continue, it helps me and the community out.