3.1.1 Failed tests: minimumRequiredIsValidSql(liquibase.verify.change.VerifyChangeClassesTest)

Hi, I’ve checked out liquibase-parent-3.1.1 and run ‘mvn package’ but get a failure on minimumRequiredIsValidSql(liquibase.verify.change.VerifyChangeClassesTest) Details: Unexpected difference in /home/bbirch1/workspace/liquibase/liquibase/liquibase-core/src/test/java/liquibase/verify/saved_state/minimumRequiredIsValidSql/createProcedure/informix.sql expected:<…Parameter: procedure[Text]=CREATE OR REPLACE P…> but was:<…Parameter: procedure[Body]=CREATE OR REPLACE P…>" type="org.junit.ComparisonFailure I tried both JDK-6 and 7 from Oracle with the same result. However when I built the latest ~3.2.0 from github it’s fine. Can anyone shed any light on this?

OK so I cherry-picked 4b20c12287f95180c445f89dcf7a784c7bfbb7c4 and now it builds. Methinks the release was built after the tag. But I cannot find out the Git ID it was built from by looking at the contents of the ZIP.

The tests were in a fairly bad state with 3.1.1 but they are greatly improved (and expanded) in 3.2.0. 

I do have a task to get the git hash into to built zip file but haven’t gotten to it yet.