Additional diff option

I’d like to propose an additional option to the diff command.  I’d like to be able to supply a different schema name for the reference database than for the target database.  Primarily this is because we have a setup similar to:

Database: PROD

      Schema: PROD1

      Schema: PROD2

      Schema: PROD3

Database: CERT

      Schema: CERT1


Database: QA

      Schema: QA1


Database: DEV

      Schema: DEV1


I need to be able to diff DEV1 to QA1 to CERT1 to PROD1 and the like.  

Since the option for setting the Schema is --DefaultSchemaName, something like --referenceSchemaName as an optional parameter to the diff command would be dandy.  

I’ve tried using the defaultSchema option to the JDBC connector, but that’s not working either.