Additional Oracle Extensions?

I need to learn about support for commonly used Oracle clauses and capabilities.

The first few of these are really important so I hope support exists or is in work.

  1. Anonymous PLSQL blocks
  3. Column drop clause SET UNUSED COLUMN
  4. Numeric Precision
  5. Table drop clause PURGE
  6. Support for EXEC
  7. Support for SQLLoader
  8. Support for DBMS_OUTPUT
  9. HTML display of objects as well as tables.

Thanks in advance for any info on status or known challenges or suggestions.

Within the core liquibase usage, you can always fall back to tags which will allow you to do anything you can normally do within SQ if there is not support for what you need in the a built-in refactorings, such as ONLINE COMPUTE STATISTICS, PURGE CLAUSE, etc. I haven’t done much with the existing Oracle extension so I don’t remember off hand what they added. I have enough with the core library that I probably won’t get to database-specific extension work for a few months at least.

I’m not sure specifically what you are looking for, can you give me more information on what you are wanting?


Nathan, are you watching, any thoughts on this?
We need to know for planning purposes.
Tom Starr

Need to know if or support both single line and multi-line

And if @ reference inclusions are supported.

Also any links with options to roll back DDL changes to a previous state would be great.


Deploy new DDL in Dev Revert new DDL in Dev to optimize or enhance Deploy better new DDL in Dev then in QA
Deploy best new DDL in Dev then in QA then in Prod

We could even call it roll forward rather than rollback.

Am I making sense?

Thanks again,