Creating Partitioned Tables with Liqibase


We have been using for long time now without much problems. Its a great tool. But now we have come to a situation where we need to extend our application to use partitioned tables. We are mainly interest on Oracle partitioning but later it could MySql as well.

Therefore, we are thinking of writing some plug in extensions support migrate exiting databases as well as provisioning new. What is the best approach? Does it make sense to extending current Oracle extension plug-in? Any previous experiment in this area?

A quick response is highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Sorry for the slow reply, have been busy lately.

I think it would make the most sense to add to the existing oracle plugin. I would like there to be a set of database-specific extensions that add all available database-specific functionality with a single jar file. I think that will keep it easier for users to manage what extensions they need and have.

Have you gotten a chance to look at what it would take to add partioned table support to the oracle extension?