Ant task updates

I have been browsing the Jira tickets and noticed a few regarding the ant task. Here are the ones I am looking at: - Split Liquibase into Liquibase-core and Liquibase-ant - Using ant tasks when called from another ant

I was wondering if you still want this tickets worked on. Specificly the one about splitting the ant tasks into its own module. If so I would be happy to tackle this. I have worked with custom ant tasks before. If you need a reference, you can look at my Github where I have my own ant task.

Also, I would also like to update the ant task to bring it up to a more moden version of Ant which will make a lot of things easier, hopefully reduce the code size, and allow me to write unit/integration tests.

Let me know if all of this sounds ok. I don’t want to do any work that you don’t find useful or needed.

Sorry for the slow response, I always appreciate any help. 

For now, I’m thinking we should keep the ant code in liquibase-core and reduce the error messages if Ant is not available. I don’t think the additional jar to manage is worth it for the ant support. 

General improvements to the Ant codebase would be great. There is some functionality that have not made it into Ant yet, and general improved code is always good. Send a pull request when you are ready or if you have questions part way though.