Artifact name changes

I noticed that the artifact names have changed. Was there a specific reason for doing this? It’s standard to call Maven plugins something like ‘liquibase-maven-plugin’ but now it’s just ‘liquibase-maven’. The name of ‘liquibase-core’ has changed to ‘liquibase-all’.

I’d suggest to change the names back to what they were for not creating too much confusion in existing project setups. The artifact name ‘liquibase-core’ is perfectly fine for the core module even when merged with the liquibase-core-jvm module.

Cheers, Felix

I’m working through some maven config.  It shouldn’t be liquibase-all, that needs to be changed.  I was considering just “liquibase” as a artifact name for 2.0 so people don’t expect there to be more they need beyond liquibase-core. 

I thought liquibase-maven-plugin sounded odd, but if it is a standard I’ll change it back. 

I don’t want to mess with existing configurations, but at the same time I am using the 1.x to 2.0 change to introduce changes I normally won’t, and this seemed like a good opportunity to improve the naming going forward.

What do you you think about “liquibase” vs. “liquibase-core” ?


I usually have the following setup for Maven modules (applied to Liquibase):

  • liquibase: this is the reactor and basically just consists of the modules listing.
  • liquibase-parent: this is the parent for all modules and has a groupId common to all modules, properties for dependency version numbers, plugin management settings, etc. This is the central module for version configuration.
  • liquibase-core: implementation module, has liquibase-parent as parent
  • liquibase-maven-plugin: maven plugin, has liquibase-parent as parent

This way you can move most of the project settings to your liquibase-parent pom (stuff like groupId, developers, version, dependency versions, plugin management). If you want to update a dependency, all you have to do is update it in liquibase-parent pom and the other modules will pick it up.

The reactor, liquibase, also inherits from liquibase-parent and has only a listing of the modules.

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