Cannot load CLOB from file with loadUpdateData

CLOB support is broken in <loadUpdateData>, because LoadUpdateDataChange does not support prepared statements:

    protected boolean hasPreparedStatementsImplemented() { return false; }

This is not documented, which is why I consider it a bug (note that loadUpdateData has an attribute named usePreparedStatements which effectively does nothing because of this bug).

How else can I solve the problem of multiple optional data feeds with potential intersections? If I use <loadData>, which does support CLOB files, I run into unique key violations that way.
I know I could choose the hard way and use plain SQL or a precondition for each record to be inserted to check if the record already exists, but that would bloat the changeSet and make it pretty much unmaintainable.

Hi @soffermann

Thanks for pointing it out. I have never really used it earlier, if you feel it is a bug, would you mind logging it here. This will get an attention to this issue and also if it really is an issue the developer team could resolve it at earliest.

For the alternate solution to this problem, you can request on the bug itself so that you get some way out of it.

Rakhi Agrawal

Thanks, @rakhi!

I think this issue is related/the same, so I did not create a new one.

Great! I see your comment there as well. Let’s hope for a quick response there.

Rakhi Agrawal