Change database content


Could i use liquibase to change datas in database ?

I want changing an user’s password ?



While you COULD use Liquibase for doing this, I would not recommend this. In general, Liquibase should be used for:

  • changing the structure of your database (what tables exist, the columns, etc.) 

  • changing the programmability features (stored procedures, functions, etc.)

  • changing “reference data” in your database - this would be data that does not change often - a table that has a list of stores for a company, or a lookup table for US States.

  • For populating DEV and TEST  database instances with ‘sample data’

Using it to change a users password is probably not a good use case. Firstly, passwords should always be managed by the user themselves. Secondly, passwords should never be stored in a database in plain text. 

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.