Changing SA Password causes full rebuild of DB


Something strange happening with Spring Boot 2.1.7 and Liquibase bundled with it (3.6.3). I use HSQLDB and everything is fine… we used the basic install of HSQLDB which has no password for SA.

If I change the SA password by “SET PASSWORD blah”, the next time I restart Spring Boot, it will DROP every table and rebuild the lot, losing my data.

Why? I fail to understand why changing the password causes this?

Many thanks


Sorry that is happening! To diagnose better, would you please respond with:

  • liquibase properties being used
  • complete logs (liquibase will log what it does, should not be dropping anything…so very curious here)
  • how liquibase is ran. If it is through springboot, please add how liquibase is being configured.



I won’t be able to share the full details but will extract what I can. Could you kindly confirm how I could ensure that Liquibase creates a log? some properties to setup in logback.xml?

Using the default SpringBoot mechanism: spring.liquibase.change-log=classpath:/db/xxxx-master.xml

Many thanks

Hi @benoitx ,

Sorry for the delay!

Liquibase produces a log, and the level is set by using a property either by commandline (-DlogLevel=debug, or you can set it in your file as logLevel: debug)