CommandLineUtils.doDiffToChangeLog not working

I am comparing the tables between two MySQL Database instances.   There is a table called test in both the databases and they are both different but when I run a doDiffToChangeLog,  it does not write of the differences to the file and even the diff shows the following,  is there a different command to detect changes in tables?


Diff Results:

Reference Database: @ jdbc:mysql:// (Default Schema: read_only)

Target Database: @ jdbc:mysql:// (Default Schema: read_only)

Product Name: EQUAL

Product Version: EQUAL

Missing Tables: NONE

Unexpected Tables: NONE

Missing Views: NONE

Unexpected Views: NONE

Changed Views: NONE

Missing Columns: NONE

Unexpected Columns: NONE

Changed Columns: NONE

Missing Foreign Keys: NONE

Unexpected Foreign Keys: NONE

Missing Primary Keys: NONE

Unexpected Primary Keys: NONE

Unexpected Unique Constraints: NONE

Missing Unique Constraints: NONE

Missing Indexes: NONE

Unexpected Indexes: NONE

Missing Sequences: NONE

Unexpected Sequences: NONE

I was able to fix this problem,  the schema owner parameter specified was wrong.