Commented Code in SQL Server Stored Procedure not picked up in ChangeLog

Hi everyone,

We ran the changelog against our MS SQL Server database and after it ran we checked the scripts that it generated.

Liquibase generated ALTER statements for all the changed Stored Procedure but as there were commented code in the original Stored Procedure in the MS SQL Stored Procedure, the result script did not pickup the commented code and left huge amount of space in the final script generated.

could you please let us know how to SUPPRESS the extra space generated in the generated script during changelot in the generated scripts.

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Hi @Ramchenna - thanks for posting and welcome to the Liquibase Community!

I see you’ve already posted this on GitHub, which is awesome, as that’s where I would have directed you, as this sounds like a bug to me. Please keep an eye on the issue over there, as that’s where updates will be posted.


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