Liquibase removing line-breaks/formatting of create procedure scripts

I’ve just started using Liquibase for the first time and have noticed that when creating, for example, Stored Procedures, using a JSON changelog and SQL script in the ChangeSet, the formatting/linebreaks are not preserved.

Whilst the procedure is successfully created, when I view it (whether that be in SQL Server Management Studio for MS SQL Server, or Snowflake), all formatting / line breaks have been removed, making it very hard to ‘read’. I also had a scenario where there were inline comments within the Stored Procedure script, and as a result of the formatting/linebreaks not being preserved, the comments actually broke the procedure.

Is there any way of configuring Liquibase so it doesn’t strip out the libre-breaks etc?

Hi @mjstarnes - Welcome to the Liquibase Community!

Can you provide an example of the code you’re using to try to run the procedure?