Creating TIMESTAMP column gets extra parameters

I was adding a table to a mySQL db and three of my columns were of type ‘TIMESTAMP’.  After starting up my grails project in the production environment, the liquibase updates were made to the db.  I was inspecting the generated table and columns after this and I was surprised to see that the timestamp columns had information that I hadn’t given to them in changelog.xml.  Namely:



| Field              | Type          | Null  | Key| Default                      | Extra                    |
LAST_UPDATED  | timestamp    | NO  |    | CURRENT_TIMESTAMP  | on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP




| Field              | Type          | Null  | Key| Default                    | Extra                    |
DATE_CREATED  | timestamp    | NO  |    | 0000-00-00 00:00:00 |                            |

Where did the default and extra data come from for these columns?  Did grails add this somehow or is it a feature of liquibase or something else?

It would not surprise me if Grails did some updates to your schema for you, but I can say for sure that I’ve never seen extra, unexpected attributes added by Liquibase.  I think Grails does have some “smarts” under the hood that will cause it to apply various attributes to a schema based on the definition of your model objects.


Yes, there isn’t be any code in liquibase to add columns automatically outside the databasechangelog and databasechangeloglock tables.



I’m seeing the same thing in Liquibase 2.0.5. I had both column tags as above, and I got the same results running the ANT task for update.

Forgot to also mention that I am running ant through eclipse, and it is not a grails project, but rather a spring mvc/java project, though I am merely running the liquibase ant tasks.

Last pieces of info:

* Running mysql-5.1.54-x64, Win 7
* InnoDB is the default engine

– Liquibase –

– Liquibase SQL output –
created TIMESTAMP NOT NULL, last_updated_date_time TIMESTAMP NOT NULL

– When SQL is run for the table creation –
Field, Type, Null, Key, Default, Extra
’created’, ‘timestamp’, ‘NO’, ‘’, ‘CURRENT_TIMESTAMP’, ‘on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP’
‘last_updated_date_time’, ‘timestamp’, ‘NO’, ‘’, ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’, ''

Perhaps this is a MySQL/InnoDB bug? I tried again with 3 timestamps, and the first always defaults to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and the subsequent timestamps all have 0000-00-00 in them.