Database user management with liquibase

Is it possible to manage database users and privileges with liquibase?

This is called DCL (data control language) in SQL. I’m surprised that search does not return any results on forums, etc.

Nathan, thank you for reply.
I wonder if that has been discussed at all and if there are any plans to implement it later. I’m not familiar with user management in many different databases. Perhaps there is some ANSI spec for that. I know that sometimes you can query system tables/view to find information about users (Oracle).
What’s your opinion on that feature?

It would be a helpful feature, and within what liquibase should be able to do. I’m not sure on how cross-database standard the SQL is for that type of thing. The main issue is that liquibase does require an existing user and database in order to store the databasechangelog table, but beyond that additional user management should be fine.

Definitely worth looking at as an extension first, and we can always pull it into the core library as it evolves. I probably won’t have time to work on it myself or a while, but anyone is more than welcome to create an extension. 


There is no built in support, but you can use the tag to perform arbitrary commands, including user creation etc. if there are corresponding commands.