Detecting Failed Change Sets During automated build process

Liquibase should return non-zero error codes for failures. Can you give me a bit more info on what you are running? Is it the liquibase 3.8.0 CLI running “update”? And, what database are you using?


I seem to be missing some very basic functionality using Liquibase.  I simply need my automated build process to FAIL whenever one of the sql changesets fail during execution.  No matter what i do, executing liquibase update on the command line ALWAYS reports successful.  We have tried using the --logLevel parameter, but it seems to be ignored as others have also reported.  The failed changesets do appear to have the failure logged to a logfile, which is not helpful at all within an automated build process.  For instance, we are using Liquibase within Ansible to execute the change sets.  Everything works great except that any SQL failures during execution of change sets are not reported back to Ansible.  They are not reported on the command line either, so how do you fail the automated process when a changeset fails to execute?  

Hi Erik - just wondering if you are still experiencing this issue with current versions of Liquibase, and if so, what version and database you are using?

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Liquibase Community Engagement
Datical, Inc.