Do changesets for other platforms get stored?

I can mark a changeset to run only on a specific platform with the “dbms” attribute, like this: dbms=“h2”

If I run a changelog containing such a changeset on, say, Oracle, and the changeset is marked as being applicable to h2 only, will it:

  • get stored in DATABASECHANGELOG, or
  • skipped entirely

…or something else? 


I should clarify.  I am aware that it will only run on H2.  But I could see it being stored in DATABASECHANGELOG with some kind of special status or something.

What I’d like to do in my case is physically change the itself.  This is not an issue with an in-memory database, since no persistent record of the previous changeset is kept.  But if, for example, a checksum were calculated for this changeset and if it were stored–though not run–on Oracle, then if I altered the itself I would get a checksum violation even on a database system where the changeset wouldn’t run.  I want to make sure that won’t happen.


No, it should only store changeSets that were actually ran.