Do extensions work for version 1.9.5

I’m trying to get the Oracle extension to work in 1.9.5 (as the version 2.0 seems too unstable as of yet). Is it supposed to work with this version? If so, where can I get the corresponding dependencies?


John Smart.

Unfortunately, the extension support is new in 2.0 and so will not work with 1.9.  My plan is to have 2.0 final out at the beginning of next week.


I can wait a week for version 2.0 ;-). However, I would like to write a Maven reporting plugin - any pointers for this? I presume it would involve the HtmlWriter class, but I’m not sure what else would be involved…

You are looking to have maven be able to output the dbdoc output?  Not know exactly what you are wanting to do, there is a dbDoc maven plugin available in 2.0 already that may be what you are wanting.


Yep, that looks like what I want. Are there any examples of how to use it anywhere?

I’m not sure if there is.  It’s new with 2.0 and probably isn’t documented yet.  I’ll help you on the other question thread you started.