Docker class path

Hi all I am really struggling to change the class path when I use docker image via my GitHub action.

I get:
Caused by: liquibase.exception.ChangeLogParseException: The file /dbscripts/example-changelog.sql was not found in

1360 - /github/workspace/.

I have my own XML master file log in my repo - how can I reference this within the docker image?

Basically I am not sure how to mount the file I want within the action command:

  - name: Run 'Liquibase update' in a docker container to Dev
    uses: docker://liquibase/liquibase:latest
      args: --url=${{ secrets_URL }} --changeLogfile=databasechangelog.xml


please mark as closed. i fixed this by adding the class path and changelogfile within my GitHub action step with param. thanks