Empty db.changelog.yml


Currently i have an PostgreSQL database in Production, i have added liquibase 3.8.2 to dynamically add new tables or new fields in existing table. That’s Ok when in my tests i add include

But if i remove my yaml test file, dbchangelog is empty and Liquibase don’t like it ?

Could i have an empty liquibase.yml file in first step ? without any include

I wan’t not execute generatedChangelog on my currentdatabase


  • include:

#        file:  liquibase/initalChange.yml



Perhaps i have found solution

1 on genere un fichier yaml de l’etat de la base

C:\Users\XX\programmes\maven\bin\mvn liquibase:generateChangeLog resources:resources -P dev

2 on initiliser les tables interne de liquibase avec ce fichier sans regerner la BD

C:\Users\XX\programmes\maven\bin\mvn liquibase:changelogSync resources:resources -P dev

–> mettre a jour les tables de LOCK liquibase sans execution

It sounds like you are on the right track. If you have an existing database and want to start using Liquibase to manage changes, then using the https://www.liquibase.org/documentation/existing_project.html goes into more detail.

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