Liquibase diffChangeLog creats empty file

While running the command liquibase diffChangeLog it created an empty change log file with just the xml syntax despite the face that there was data in the refernce database and it didn’t show any data when in change log file.

Hello, @Shivam! Thanks for asking the community about this situation you’ve encountered. Here is a link to the documentation for this command: diffChangeLog | Liquibase Docs

You can try adding the name of the scheme in the database URL:


Command example:

$ liquibase --driver=org.postgresql.Driver \
     --classpath=postgresql-42.2.5.jar \
     --username=postgres \
     --password=postgres \
     --url="jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/data?currentSchema=core" \
     --changeLogFile=changelog-output.xml \

Please let us know how it goes!


Yeah, thanks @tabbyfoo it worked fine.
Is it possible that I can mention multiple values for the attribute currentSchema

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Yes, @Shivam you can! Here’s the relevant documentation: Specifying Parameters in a Connection Profile | Liquibase Docs