Evaluation: Unexpected error running Liquibase: There is already an object named 'X' in the database

I’m evaluating liquibase using the docker container (and no pro license) on windows 10. Here is the process I am following based on the quickstart tutorial

created liquibase.docker-mssql.properties with these proterties/values:
url: jdbc:sqlserver://:1433;database=LBTEST

docker run --rm -v C:\software\liquibase:/liquibase/changelog liquibase/liquibase --defaultsFile=changelog/liquibase.docker-mssql.properties --changeLogFile=changelog/changelog.mssql.xml generateChangeLog

Reviewed changelog.mssql.xml and verified existing sql table, actor, in LBTEST is recorded

Add changeset to XML file creating a new table, actress

docker run --rm -v C:\software\liquibase:/liquibase/changelog liquibase/liquibase --defaultsFile=changelog/liquibase.docker-mssql.properties --changeLogFile=changelog/changelog.mssql.xml registerChangeLog

docker run --rm -v C:\software\liquibase:/liquibase/changelog liquibase/liquibase --defaultsFile=changelog/liquibase.docker-mssql.properties --changeLogFile=changelog/changelog.mssql.xml update

errors with:
Unexpected error running Liquibase: There is already an object named ‘actor’ in the database. [Failed SQL: (2714) CREATE TABLE actor (id int IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL, firstname varchar(255), lastname varchar(255), twitter varchar(15), CONSTRAINT actor_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id))]

So clearly I have something incorrect? I have tried this using the an XML and SQL changelog and get the same error.

generateChangeLog pulls information from the existing database so all the information is already on it but now in your changelog file.
registerChangeLog will add that changelog to Liquibase Hub but not to the databasechangelog table.
I think what you are trying to is run changeLogSync BEFORE you add any new changesets to the changelog file.
This tells Liquibase everything in my changelog is already on the database.
Then you can add any new changeset and the run registerChangeLog and then update and you should be good to go.