Unexpected error ... '/liquibase/C' does not exist

I run below after navigating to C:\app\xiamb\product\liquibase>
I have a directory changelog under the above directory which has the liquibase property file.

Command line with run with administrator on powershell :

docker run --rm -v C:\app\xiamb\product\liquibase:\liquibase\changelog liquibase/liquibase --classpath=C:\app\xiamb\product\liquibase\lib\ojdbc8.jar --url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@ --changeLogFile=changelog/sample.changelog.xml update

Error message :
Unexpected error running Liquibase: ‘/liquibase/C’ does not exist

Environment : Windows 10 running docker

What am I missing or doing incorrectly ?

thank you

Hi @mohsink ,

I am basing my response off of this how-to article. perhaps you are missing the front / before changelog in your --changeLogFile argument?

Maybe should be:
–changeLogFile=/changelog/sample.changelog.xml update