futureRollbackCountSQL - in need indeed



I posted this question/suggestion on old nabble forum, and no wonder nobody responded…





I am planning to use Future rollback to prepare rollback scripts for DBAs.

They will have to be one for each changset, so the futureRollbackCOUNT would be my solution.

Is there currently any work on that feature?  Any suggestions to work around, extension startup - I would need some guidance to kick off?

Thank for your help.


(sorry for the delay, way behind on posts…)

Nothing currently under work. 

If you take a look at the liquibase.Liquibase facade, you should see how futureRollbackSQL works and what it would take to make a version that outputs a separate file for each changset. I don’t know if futureRollbackCount would work since the convention with other commands is to pass back how many you want, starting with what the first one is, so futureRollbackCount 1 would always keep returnign the same changeSet.