Maven and future rollback?

Does maven include functionality to create future rollback scripts.

I want to generate both migration.sql and rollback scripts from Maven.

I need this to provide scripts to our DBA to support SOX compliancy.

I noticed the command line has the ‘futureRollbackSQL’ is this not available in the Maven plugin? 

Apparently not. The maven support was contributed code I hadn’t noticed it was missing. I created


I wasn’t aware that the Maven code was contributed.

Thanks for creating the jira issue.

“Contributed” from the standpoint that I’m not a maven guy and so and have tended to rely on other people to submit code to work the way people expect maven to work. It is a standard part of Liquibase, it just isn’t a portion I’ve tended to be as up to speed on, but I’m planning on becoming more involved in it and ensuring it is feature-compatible with everything else.