GenerateChangeLog MSSQL Blank file

Hi Team,

I am trying to generate a changelog for sqlserver database and it is giving below output:

“When generating formatted SQL changelogs, it is important to decide if batched statements
should be split (splitStatements:true is the default behavior) or not (splitStatements:false).
See for additional documentation.
Liquibase command ‘generateChangeLog’ was executed successfully.”

But the output file is empty. Please can you suggest.

Command used:
liquibase --url=“jdbc:sqlserver://localhost-server;databaseName=Apps” --username usr --password pwd --changeLogFile=“changelog-base.mssql.sql” generateChangeLog

i tested it, and i successful generated the correct changelog. Please check your db jdbc url.
“database” instead of “databaseName”. I had similar issue time ago and sql server pointed me to the default database.
tested on SQL Server 2017 Express

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Hi @costinmoraru, good suggestion, I also tagged it with “mssql”, and added you to the tag group if you find other db platforms please tag. Thanks!