generateChangeLog : problem when using sql server datatypes geography and geometry

within windows 7 when I try to issue the command :

liquibase --changeLogFile=D:\liquibase\MediaFilmChangeLog_Med.xml --defaultSchemaName=“Med” generateChangeLog

I got the changeset result (partial)

- -

this type should be only geography and not specify any length.

When I try afterward to issue an update here is the error I get

Error: Error executing SQL CREATE TABLE [Med].[Cinema] ([iCinemaId] INT NOT NULL, [vChannel] NVARCHAR(500), [vWebChannel] NVARCHAR(1000), [vName] NVARCHAR(500), [vCity] NVARCHAR(500), [vRegion] NVARCHAR(500), [vAddress] NVARCHAR(1000), [vPhone] NVARCHAR(255), [bCineparc] bit, [bParking] bit, [bHandicapAccess] bit, [vSubway] NVARCHAR(255), [bHearingImpaired] bit, [bParkingFee] bit, [vBus] NVARCHAR(500), [vWebSite] NVARCHAR(1000), [sGeoPoint] geography(2147483647), [dDateAdded] SMALLDATETIME, CONSTRAINT [PK_Cinema_iCinemaId] PRIMARY KEY ([iCinemaId])): The size (2147483647) given to the column ‘sGeoPoint’ exceeds the maximum allowed for any data type (8000).

Thank in advance

Ricardo Da Fonseca

Database Administrator at LaPresse