How to create triggers on a table in another Sybase database in same server

When I try to create a trigger in same Sybase database table, it works where the Liquibase change log table is present but when I try to create the same trigger on the table which is in different Sybase database it fails with below error and I guess it is because the Liquibase change log table is not available in that database.

Can anybody help on how to deploy scripts on different Sybase database in same server.

Unexpected error running Liquibase: Cannot CREATE TRIGGER on table ‘’,because you can only create a trigger on a table in the current database.

Hi @rvigneshbabu,

Liquibase connects to one Sybase database at a time using the url. You can modify the url to connect to your another database and make the updates accordingly. You can first deploy to one database and then change the database url and make deployments on the other database.

Postgres doesn’t support creating cross-database or cross-schema triggers. All triggers can only be specified in the same schema as the table they reference.

see: PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.5: CREATE TRIGGER
(relevant info from postgres docs)
“The name to give the new trigger. This must be distinct from the name of any other trigger for the same table. The name cannot be schema-qualified — the trigger inherits the schema of its table. For a constraint trigger, this is also the name to use when modifying the trigger’s behavior using SET CONSTRAINTS”

Is that what you were trying to do? Does that answer your question?