How to do a multi line insert query.

How do I make a multiline value on an insert query?

What I tried:

 <column name="ColumnExample" type="varchar2(500)" value="

doc:application/msword \n docx:application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document \\n
gif:image/gif \\\n ></pre><pre>But it just literally insert the values instead of creating  new lines.  Is there a special character i'm missing to escape, or some trick to creating multiple line values?  What it should be :</pre><pre>" Line 1 Line 2 "
What I get "Line1/nLine2" in the DB.  What I have found:  But this just says: add CDATA  but this issnt allowed anymore, or never was?
""I tried this one but it only creates errors. " liquibase: The value of attribute "value" associated with an element type "column" must not contain the '<' character."
What am I missing?

Its fixed with:

Where every enter in the XML file in CDATA with a \n Might wanna add it to the Docs on the ‘column’ page :)?