New line character in loadData

I’m trying to import data from CSV file and want to include a new line inside my text
Here’s my loadData definition, quotchar is default:

<changeSet id="20210412-1-data" author="me" context="faker">
		<column name="id" type="numeric"/>
		<column name="name" type="STRING"/>

and my sample csv entry:
10;"wi"^/"thd";"Co\nncr";"Money\n Mar"\n"ket'\n' Account"

So what i tried having is:

  • text \n text
  • text ‘\n’ text
  • text “\n” text
  • text ^/ text (someone on the Internet mentioned this, don’t ask me :wink: )
  • “text '\n\ text”
  • “text “\n” text”

and nothing from above let me see a new line in my h2 database, it’s always inserting the n literally, like:
wi"^/"thd Conncr Moneyn Mar"n"ket'n' Account

What’s the proper new line separator? I was unable to find any examples or even notes in documentation
My version is 3.9.0

Have you tried \n