Inserting text containing Bullet point as part of the text in VARCHAR2 column in Oracle

We are trying to insert multiline text into a VARCHAR2 col in Oracle and the value contains Bullet Point as part of the text for some records. The text gets inserted successfully but it does not preserve the original bullet point format in the database. Please note that the text gets inserted with the original format when we do this out of Liquibase. Can you please suggest how to preserve the original bullet point in the text while inserting into a VARCHAR2 column in Oracle by Liquibase. Thanks in advance.

Example: 'This is an example of multiline text

  • That contains bullet point as part of the text’


Please provide your changeset as an example.

Change set is like as mentioned below:



Below is the changeset:-

We need to see the sql statements.

please find mentioned above the SQL.

Kindly update if there is any solution for this.