How to execute same change log on different schemas on the same mongo node?

I Have to run the same mongodb change log across multiple databases.

Mongodb liquibase properties file as follows.

hangeLogFile: dbchangelog.json
url: mongodb://localhost:27017/liquibasepocdb?authSource=admin
username: xxxxxxx
password: xxxxxxx

In my case i am able to create index on test liquibasepocdb db only
I have many such databases , how we can execute same change on all databases?
I read the contexts documents but no luck how we can do this using contexts?

Please share the sample example

There are several suggested fixes on this post on StackOverflow.
This documentation shows how you can use two different executions in maven.

Thanks for the response.

Its difficult to maintain large mave pom.xml for 100 of databases and collections.
Is there any way to pass the schema dynamically ? page not found.

How can we execute the same changelogs for multiple collections on mongoDB?