How to hide DEBUG logs in liquibase 3.6.3 from terminal?

Hi team,

I am using liquibase-3.6.3 in maven project. When I start mvn migration liquibase displays DEBUG logs in terminal. How to hide DEBUG logs and only display INFO log in terminal?


The logLevel parameter controls the amount of messages that are generated when running Liquibase commands. You can read more about it here : Liquibase loglevel parameter.

As you mentioned you are using liquibase in maven project, following are the ways to set/change the log levels for liquibase:

  1. Using command line
mvn -Dliquibase.logging=debug
  1. Using pom properties
  1. Setting it directly in plugin’s <configuration>

You can specify whichever log level you want in the above approaches.

Hope this helps!

Rakhi Agrawal

Even setting pom properties for liquibase. It shows DEBUG log.

umm okay. Did you try the 3rd way?

yes, i tried it. But still it displays DEBUG log.