includeAll conflicts with runOnChange

I have master changelog.xml with the following:
includeAll path=“release5”

and I have release changelog in release5 folder

changeSet… runOnChange=“true”

When proc1.sql changes liquibase update raises an error:
Unexpected error running Liquibase: Validation Failed:
1 change sets check sum
release5/proc1.sql::raw::includeAll was: 8:882c7c5de65076cf3a41b9344dc82966 but is now: 8:748c7b82686165acbe0f07ae3c2fce7c

But if I use in master changelog direct link
include file=“release5/changelog.xml”

everything works fine

Hi @msoracle

Could you please share which version of Liquibase are you using?

Rakhi Agrawal

Liquibase Version: 4.4.0
Liquibase Community 4.4.0 by Datical

I’m sorry, it was my mistake. I first applied the changeset, and then added the runOnchange option. This is, of course, wrong. I remove my question

No worries!

Glad you worked it out yourselves!