Independent changelogs for independent tables

Hi All,

I’m fairly new to liquibase, and I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out the best way to accomplish something.

I have a whole bunch of microservices, each of which has its own database in a shared postgres server with its own tables. This is easy, Liquibase can manage the DB for each microservice with a changelog file for each one.

I now have to merge all these tables into a single database managed by some cranky DBA’s, but I would like to avoid having one giant liquibase changelog which controls the table structure for a whole bunch of completely independent, unrelated things, even though they have to live in the same database.

It looks like the changelog file is really meant to manage all of the tables within a single database. 

Is there a way for me to have a separate changelog for each microservice which only affects the tables for that specific microservice? All the tables are standalone, with no foreign keys or anything like that, and each microservice isn’t aware of the existence of the other tables.

Thanks in advance for any tips!