Is it possible to extract table metadata with liquibase?

Hi everybody,

I'm currently working on some database migration from MySQL to Oracle vendors.

I have to migrate ddl, data and also some metadata about tables. It is especially important to migrate comments about tables (stored in table status), because it is used as some kind of self-documentation of the database on user’s machines.

So, I'm wondering is it possible to somehow extract that metadata with liquibase from MySQL and import it to Oracle.


Currently Liquibase should be pulling the comments from the mysql tables and columns into the DatabaseSnapshot object that gets created internally, but I don’t believe it translates that into change tags if you are running difffChangeLog or generateChangeLog.

You would be able to create MissingCommentChangeGenerator, ChangedCommentChangeGenerator and UnexpectedCommentChangeGenerator classes like the other classes in liquibase.diff.output.changelog.core that would correctly handle the comments. You could either create them in an extension or send a pull request and I can include them in liquibase-core.

I created to track the feature request