jaxb-api : 2.3.0 copyleft

No, you don’t need any additional licenses. The jaxb license is covered by CDDL-1.1, which is the “Common Development and Distribution License” or GPL-2.0-CPE, which is the “Gnu Public License”. 

Both of these are non-commercial licenses. 

In previous versions of the Java Runtime, jaxb was included. It was removed from the JRE starting with Java 11. 

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Liquibase Community Engagement
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We use liquibase in our company software. We just upgraded liquibase to the newest version. But it appears it is using  jaxb-api : 2.3.0. The license info as below. Do we need to purchase jaxb license in order to use the latest liquibase? Thank you.



Hi Steve, 

Thank you for the response! It is very helpful.