Jenkins FATAL: Liquibase installation PATH is not a valid Liquibase install

I’m having a problem with the Liquibase plugin for Jenkins.

I have version 4.21.1 of Liquibase installed on my computer.

I have already created a new Global Liquibase installation:

And I have added a new Build Step in my Jenkins project with the global liquibase installation.

But when I run the build I have the FATAL error:
Liquibase home: C:\Users\carlo\Documents\Carlos\Trabajo\Liquibase\entorno\liquibase-4.21.1
FATAL: Liquibase installation C:\Users\carlo\Documents\Carlos\Trabajo\Liquibase\entorno\liquibase-4.21.1 is not a valid Liquibase install

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

I have solved the problem by changing the version of liquibase. The FATAL error was obtained by using a version later than 4.13.0 from the Liquibase community version, which I see is the last one supported by the Jenkins plugin.