Liquibase, crowdfunding and FreedomSponsors

Hi all

I’d like to introduce FreedomSponsors to this list.

FS is a website I made where people can place small money bounties for

open issues on Liquibase JIRA (or any other open issue tracker)


So far it’s only got a few offers - but it’s slowly growing and people seem to get pretty interested when they get the idea.

I really think that as it gets more popular, this tool can have a big positive impact on a lot of open source projects, especially

popular ones like Liquibase.



Please take a look -->



There’s also a JIRA plugin that will add a (discrete) “Sponsor this issue” link on the “view issue” page, that will let the user add a sponsorship for the issue on FS.

It’s already being used by the Jenkins Project (see it in action here).

The website is still beta, but functionality is pretty stable, and I will implement a few improvements and new functionality soon.

FS is open source on Github (it’s a Python+Django app), and feedback and help is welcome! :slight_smile:

I really hope Liquibase can grow even better because of this initiative


Tony Lâmpada - the FreedomSponsors guy