Project status?

Maybe I’m pulling from the wrong repository but I haven’t seen any source code updates in eons.  Any ideas, Nathan, on when you’ll be working on the project again?

I’m pointed at this: git://

Is that correct?


That is the correct repository, but it has been a while since I have committed code. It’s not from ignoring the project, however. 

I’ve been trying to figure out for a while why I’m not getting commits in like I would like, and I think the main answer is that at some point over the last year, there have gotten to be enough liquibase users that the user forum traffic has over-saturated my available time. I’ve been prioritizing answering questions over code commits since they seem more pressing and now not only am I not able to get everything answered but I’m also not getting any commits in.

It was a topic of discussion at the online chat a couple weeks ago, I think is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed. There is a bunch of outstanding issues with 2.0.2 that I would like to get fixed, but am just not having the time to get to it. The real solution is that we need more active developers, and I’m trying to find ways to get people more involved (I’ve seen you answering questions and greatly appreciate that). The extension system with 2.0 was one attempt to make an easier on ramp, the move to github is another, is another. From the chat, however, I got the impression that some people thought I expected liquibase to be mine alone and that is definitely not the case. I realized I may need to do a better job of getting out the message that I’m looking for help.

I’m planning on writing a post about looking for help on soon (after I catch up with my forum questions:) )


Does jira studio fisheye support github? Do you think fisheye is still useful vs. just using the git browser?


Do you need some help getting fisheye pointed to the github repository?

Yes, Fisheye supports using git.

I also think that it is still a very useful tool even with the git browser.  Here are a few of the reasons why I feel this way.

  • Integration with crucible - code reviews can be done with commit comments but it is easier when you can comment the code itself. You can also see all code reviews associated with an individual file using fisheye.  You can also link the Jira issue to the crucible review.
  • Searching fisheye is rather nice
  • Easily linking all code changes to a jira issue (and navigating to them from the jira issue)
  • People can add watches to files and/or directories

I’m not seeing how to configure fisheye in jira studio to support github. Have you been able to configure that in the past?