Liquibase dbDoc command does not seem to support contexts - includes changes with non-active contexts as pending

A sane implementation of dbDoc (and judging from should take contexts into account when running, but in my case it lists change sets that have a context that should not be active as pending. For example my entire baseline (generated by generateChangeLog). This will never be run.

Am I doing something wrong or is this really the state of affairs?

Is there in that case a decent workaround?

Yes, that is how dbdoc is currently implemented. The trouble is that depending on how contexts (and labels) are used sometimes they make sense to mark as pending and sometimes they make sense to ignore.

I created to track the feature improvement.


I agree that its not obvious what is the correct (expected) behavior in this case. The JIRA issue looks like what I would suggest, make it configurable to consider contexts or not.