Liquibase Linter

I’ve been a user of the Liquibase Linter from whiteclarkgroup and have been trying to make some enhancements to it. However, the developers no longer respond to issues or PRs. I see a lot of potential in what they started there.

Would there be an interest in adding this functionality into the liquibase-maven-plugin? The code is already designed to work with the liquibase-maven-plugin. I would be willing to put in the effort to create a PR to get the functionality merged into liquibase-maven-plugin.

Hello @bbrouwer ,

We would love your help! Our Dev Community manager @MikeOlivas could help you with how to fork the repo and put it within the liquibase project.

It seems pretty cool to me, and useful, I defer to @mariochampion and @NathanVoxland on if this is something we want to bring into liquibase (productwise).

Again, thanks for reaching out!


Welcome to the forums @bbrouwer!

I work in product management at Liquibase. We have quite a few quality focused features in the works at Liquibase this year. The capabilities of Liquibase Linter line up nicely with what we have planned for a broader static analysis capability for Liquibase Changelogs, config files and generated SQL. If you’re open to it I’d love to chat with you directly about your experience with Linter and your efforts to build quality into your Liquibase usage. I have a public meeting scheduler that you can use to pick a time that works for us both.

We plan to evaluate several tools with integration potential while also assessing the need and cost of building something new. Until we have made those decisions I hesitate to integrate any one solution in a Liquibase managed extension. I really want to make sure the ultimate offering provides a friendly, unified experience across all of our quality controls. Maybe we can help you get the attention of the folks at the White Clark Group to move you forward?

Hope to talk with you soon!

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Thanks for responding @Pete ! Glad to see we are making progress with static analysis for Liquibase changesets.