Liquibase Open Source: generateChangeLog and Stored Logic

The documentation on generateChangeLog is not completely clear if Liquibase Open Source supports capturing Stored Logic (i.e. stored procedures, functions, triggers, etc.) or not.

The documentation here hints that it might be a Pro edition option only in the section titled “Additional functionality with Liquibase Pro”.

However, the --diffTypes parameter is listed above, provides a complete list of supported types, and makes no indication of any version-specific limitations.

Testing with Liquibase Open Source appears to suggest that this is a Pro edition option only. In PostgreSQL 11.8, I am attempting to execute generateChangeLog against a single schema with two tables, a single trigger, and a single trigger function. The output successfully generates the tables (and related objects like indexes, PKs, FKs, and constraints) but it does NOT generate the trigger or function.

Please advise, thank you.

Hi @alex.thornbury,

Sorry for the long delay in responding. Capturing Stored Logic is available with the Pro version, not Community.