Liquibase Pro trial - generateChangeLog does not generate Objects folder with database packages

I downloaded a trial license today, and have been trying to generate a changelog for an Oracle database. We wish to explore the differences between the free version and the Pro version in order to evaluate if we should go for the Pro version or not.

I have set up a file
liquibaseProLicenseKey: <***>
classpath: /liquispike/changelog
changeLogFile: changelog.xml
liquibase.headless: true
liquibase.hub.mode: off

liquibase.liquibaseSchemaName: <***>
liquibase.generateChangesetCreatedValues: true

url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1522:target
username: system
password: <****>

changeSetAuthor: hbh
dataOutputDirectory: c:\liqui\data
includeSchema: true
includeCatalog: true
includeTablespace: true
schemas = <***>
logLevel: debug
logFile: log.txt

From the generated changelog.xml it seems to include just the same as the one generated with the free version.
From the console output it should be using Pro:

Starting Liquibase at 16:17:18 (version 4.9.1 #1978 built at 2022-03-28 19:39+0000)
Liquibase Version: 4.9.1
Liquibase Pro 4.9.1 by Liquibase licensed to Liquibase Pro Evaluation until ons. mai 11 02:00:00 CEST 2022

The log file has several warnings like the following:

[2022-04-05 14:09:30] WARNING [liquibase.configuration] Potentially ignored key(s) in file C:\liqui\using PRO\

  • ‘changeSetAuthor’
  • ‘liquibaseProLicense’

What am I missing here?

We found the problem:
databasePackage,databasePackageBody must also be included in the list of diffTypes.