Liquibase slow startup


I use version 3.10.3 on a Windows 10 computer. I noticed that the startup of liquibase was really slow and strangely this slow startup had nothing to do with the actual work it needs to do. Example:

liquibase --changeLog=notexisting.xml status

I had to wait appr. 1-2 minutes before Liquibase told me that my .xml file did not exist. I used procmon to trace the jvm and I found that it was looking for something on my not-connected mapped network drives. These drives are obviously not on the classpath. When I removed the mappings I got the speed I expected.

I ran liquibase with debug logging enabled, nothing was written to the log during this time.

Does anyone have any idea how to prevent this, why this is happening in the first place?



Hi @Prunoki,

Sorry for the startup issue you had. We would need more info to diagnose. Could you share your file and complete debug output with and without the mapped drive connected?

Please obfuscate/redact any sensitive material like passwords in the properties file.