Multiple Java Liquibase instances


I am attempting to run a couple of consecutive Liquibase (class) instances, where each instance is using a different changelog master.

The logic behind this is that we have several projects that are using some common data structure and metadata (first Liquibase instance) and each project adds its own tables and metadata to the schema (second Liquibase instance).

Currently I am trying to test a scenario where I create a new schema + populate the common part + one of the other projects part - all of this is for running the specific project unit tests.

When I attempt to run:

Liquibase liquibase1 = new liquibase.Liquibase(“changelog-master1.xml”, new myResourceLocator(), myD<span method that I need to call from the liquibase.class instance?

I am running Liquibase 3.0.2 and I have a SAP Hana DB (I have implemented the needed extensions for Liquibase).


It should work fine to call liquibase twice like you are doing. I made considerable performance improvements with liquibase 3.0.5, could you upgrade and let me know if you are still seeing problems?