Multiple properties files

I’m in a situation where we have multiple machines which we’re running Liquibase on.  We have a single Liquibase setup for all machines but there are differences between machines in running Liquibase.  For example, the context, username, and password.  It would be nice if we could specify multiple properties files where I could specify shared properties in one file and individual properties in another.  Possibly the --defaultsFile command line parameter could be specified more then once with the properties being additive and if the same property is specified in more than one file then subsequent properties files properties override previous ones.  You could also specify defaultsFile in the properties file which add other defaults files (thought you’d have to handle circular dependencies).

There is a not-well-documented feature where liquibase will look for a file which supercedes the values in your normal properties file.  For example, if your defaultsFile is it looks for both a file and a file. The idea would be to have checked in and shared, and the file not checked in to version control and just for the particular user.


This does not however appear to work with the Maven plugin.  I have both and, however if I specify the file, the LOCAL version does not get picked up