New Database implementation

We are using a special driver for Oracle databases, but the product name does not match to OracleDatabase implementation. So even when we are using an Oracle database, the OracleDatabase implementation is never used and liquibase selects UnknownDatabase instead. I would like to extend OracleDatabase, so that it matches the product name, but I don�t know how to register my implementation in the DatabaseFactory. The wiki says, that i have to put it into the package liquibase.database.ext and liquibase would automatically detect my implemetation and load it. This does not work and after I looked into the source code, I suppose this feature does not exist anymore. How can I register my implementation?

There are differences between how you register databases between liquibase 2.0 and 1.x.  In 1.x, you had to pass it as a parameter to the way you were running liquibase (ant, command line, etc.) and each was different and some ways did not support passing them.

The liquibase.database.ext model is new in 2.0 but works much better. 

What version are you running?


I am running the current stable release 1.9.5, but I would prefer the liquibase.database.ext model. Would you recommend to use the 2.0 RC1 release?

There are a few fixes post RC1 that you may need.  Grab the most recent build from